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Great FOOD. Great COFFEE.
Great TECH. Great TIMES.

Thank you for your interest in Humdingers and the history of how it came to be. We are two brothers who have always had the dream of working for ourselves. Our mother has always been close and decided to invest in our dream because she is just as adventurous as we are.

We are all fortunate to have a cultural mix of life experiences, travel, and other interests. We have an Italian grandmother, a Native American grandmother, a Costa Rican mother, and our father is French American. We have lived in the tropics and learned a lot along the way. We appreciate great food, Costa Rican coffee, the outdoors, and technology.


We have created this brand to cross all thresholds and be a beacon representing quality and good times. From sports cars, offshore fishing, camping, sports, and high-quality virtual reality, we enjoy it all. WHY NOT?


We try to add a sense of humor to everything we touch but we're serious about producing quality products and entertaining at the highest standard. When you see the name Humdingers, know that we have poured many hours, and part of our soul into making that product or experience something special.


The Humdingers brand represents letting loose and having the time of your life. We appreciate your support in Humdingers and all it has to offer.


The pictures below are just a snapshot of our lives.

We hope you enjoy and remember...


Let the good times roll!

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